Postdoctoral Researcher at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) working on 3D scene understanding with Dr Alessio Del Bue. Previously Stuart was a Research Associate at University College London (UCL) working with Prof. Tim Weyrich. While at the University of Surrey Stuart completed his PhD and a post doc with Dr John Collomosse. Stuart's research focus is on Visual Big Data problems in the area of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Digital Humanities. Prior projects have covered 3D Reconstruction, Texture Analysis, Social Media classification, Sketch-based Video Retrieval and Human Pose Retrieval and Domain Adaptation.

Stuart James





Postdoctoral Researcher at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) working on 3D scene understanding with Dr Alessio Del Bue. Prior to which Stuart worked at University College London (UCL) as a Research Associate working with Prof. Tim Weyrich working on 3D reconstruction of large relief art. While at the University of Surrey he worked as a Research Fellow working on Charting the Digital Lifespan – a big social data classification task through the fusion of social image and comments while exploring the social implications.

Stuart’s PhD completed in 2015, also at the University of Surrey, explored how Visual Narratives (Free-Hand sketched storyboards) can be used for Video Retrieval and Synthesis. Contributions involved approaches for Sketch-based Video retrieval and Dance Choreography Synthesis. He also holds a BSc in Computer Science with Games development from the University of Hull.

During 2013 he visited INESC-ID (IST), Portugal for an internship. The research project looked at expanding prior work and integrating the user into the process of choreographic video synthesis. This work focused on Human Computer Interaction developed and interactive process.

During his PhD and Post-doc positions at University of Surrey and UCL, Stuart has enthusiastically engaged with students through teaching opportunities. By working as a lab assistant or marking student work. He has assisted in Computer Vision, Robotics, Research Methods and Programming (C, C++) modules.

Stuart is a member of several professional bodies including ACM, IEEE, BCS; additionally part of specialist groups in research related fields. Stuart regularly peer reviewers for: BMVC, ICIAP, GCH conferences and workshops. As well as the Computers & Graphics and IEEE Transaction on MultiMedia journals.

Additionally, Stuart has worked at JCS Technology for over ten years as IT Manager. Organising the lab infrastructure and services while making informed purchasing decisions. This experience has broadened Stuart’s interaction with industrial technologies and given an understanding which inturn has been used to guide research infrastructure.

PhD Students

  • Supervisor of Mohamed Dahy Abdelaher Elkhouly (Dahy)

    Topic TBD

    with Dr Alessio Del Bue (IIT)
  • Collaborator of Daniele Giunchi

    How we can sketch in Virtual Environments

    with Prof. Anthony Steed (UCL)

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30 Nov 2017 . running . A lesson in stopping Comments

For a long time now I have pushed my self to run further, faster and harder; this year has been the pinnacle of that with some of my heaviest running months and one of my lowest. Resulting in running over 1000miles in a year, an enormous unplanned achievement. But being plagued by persistent injuries of many varieties, I pushed on and didn’t listen to the needs of my body. Hoping and praying, that it wasn’t serious. Amazingly I have survived through, but as the year comes to a close, I’m doing a conservative Advent Running period...

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  • April 2017

    Moved to Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

  • April 2017

    Became Honorary Research Associate at UCL

  • February 2017

    ‘Texture Stationarization: Turning Photos into Tileable Textures’ accpeted to Eurographics’17

  • October 2016

  • August 2016

    Paper ‘Evolutionary Data Purification for Social Media Classification’ accpeted to ICPR’16

  • July 2016

    Attended SIGGRAPH

  • April 2016

    Attended Rank Prize Symposium on Computer Vision and Video Effects

  • April 2016

    Graduated as Doctor of Philosophy

  • February 2016

    Presented poster at SketchX ‘Towards Sketched Visual Narratives for Retrieval’

  • October 2015

    Moved to UCL to work with Professor Tim Weyrich

  • September 2015

    Successfully defended PhD Thesis

Latest Publication

2017 Texture Stationarization: Turning Photos into Tileable Textures

Texture synthesis has grown into a mature field in computer graphics, allowing the synthesis of naturalistic textures and images from photographic exemplars. Surprisingly little work, however, has been dedicated to synthesizing tileable textures, that is, textures that when laid out in a regular grid of tiles form a homogeneous appearance suitable for use in memory-sensitive real-time graphics applications. One of the key challenges in doing so is that most natural input exemplars exhibit uneven spatial variations that, when tiled, show as repetitive patterns. We propose an approach to synthesize tileable textures while enforcing stationarity properties that effectively mask repetitions while maintaining the unique characteristics of the exemplar. We explore a number of alternative measures for texture stationarity and show how each measure can be integrated into a standard texture synthesis method (PatchMatch) to enforce stationarity at user-controlled scales. We demonstrate the efficacy of our approach using a database of 118 exemplar images, both from publicly available sources as well as new ones captured under uncontrolled conditions, and we quantitatively analyze alternative stationarity measures for their robustness across many test runs using different random seeds. In conclusion, we suggest a novel synthesis approach that employs local histogram matching to reliably turn input photographs of natural surfaces into tiles well suited for artifact-free tiling.

Accepted at Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. Eurographics) in Lyon, France.

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