• 2018

    Visual Graphs from Motion (VGfM): Scene understanding with object geometry reasoning

    Paul Gay, Stuart James, Alessio Del Bue

    ACCV'18 | Perth, Australia

  • Multi-view Aggregation for Color Naming with Shadow Detection and Removal

    Mohamed Dahy Elkhouly, Stuart James, Alessio Del Bue

    IPAS'18 | Nice, France

  • 3D Sketching for Interactive Model Retrieval in Virtual Reality

    Daniele Giunchi, Stuart James, Anthony Steed

    Expressive | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  • Model Retrieval by 3D Sketching in Immersive Virtual Reality

    Daniele Giunchi, Stuart James, Anthony Steed

    IEEE VR Poster | Reutlingen, Germany

  • 2017

    Texture Stationarization: Turning Photos into Tileable Textures

    Joep Moritz, Stuart James, Tom S.F. Haines, Tobias Ritschel, Tim Weyrich

    Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. Eurographics) | Lyon, France

  • Digital Photographic Practices as Expressions of Personhood and Identity: Variations Across School Leavers and Recent Retirees

    K Orzech, W Moncur, A Durrant, S James, J Collomosse

    Journal of Visual Studies |

  • 2016

    Evolutionary Data Purification for Social Media Classification

    Stuart James, John Collomosse

    International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'16) | Cancun, Mexico

  • Towards Sketched Visual Narratives for Retrieval

    Stuart James

    SketchX - Human Sketch Analysis and its Applications | London, UK

  • 2015

    Visual Narratives: Free-hand Sketch for Visual Search and Navigation of Video

    Stuart James

    PhD Thesis | University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

  • 2014

    Enhanced Digital Literacy by Multi-modal Data Mining of the Digital Lifespan

    John Collomosse, Stuart James, Abigail Durrant, Diego Trujillo-Pisanty, Wendy Moncur, Kathryn Orzech, Sarah Martindale, Mike Chantler.

    DE2015 | London, UK

  • Interactive Video Asset Retrieval using Sketched Queries

    Stuart James and John Collomosse

    CVMP'14 | London

  • Particle Filtering approach to salient video object localization

    C Gray, S James, J Collomosse and P Asente

    ICIP'14 | Switzerland

  • ReEnact Sketch based Choreographic Design from Archival Dance Footage

    S James, M Fonseca and J Collomosse

    ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR'14) | Glasgow, UK

  • Admixed Portrait Design Intervention to Prompt Reflection on Being Online as a New Parent

    D Trujillo-Pisanty, A Durrant, S Martindale, S James, J Collomosse

    ACM DIS'14 |

  • 2013

    Markov Random Fields for Sketch based Video Retrieval

    R Hu, S James, T Wang and J Collomosse

    ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR'13) |

  • 2012

    Skeletons from Sketches of Dancing Poses

    M Fonseca, S James and J Collomosse

    IEEE VL/HCC'12 |

  • Annotated Free-hand Sketches for Video Retrieval using Object Semantics and Motion

    R Hu, S James and J Collomosse

    Springer ACM MultiMedia Modelling (MMM'12) |

  • 2011

    Annotated Sketches for Intuitive Video Retrieval

    Stuart James and John Collomosse

    BMVA / AVA Workshop on Biological and Machine Vision. Perception Journal | Cardiff, UK

  • 2011

    Sketched Visual Narratives for Content Based Video Retrieval

    Stuart James

    MPhil Transfer Report | University of Surrey, UK