Getting back to books

23 Jun 2016 . category: life . Comments

When I was younger I never got into reading novels sadly. I have tried throughout my adult life to try to get into them, but sadly it is always a challenge to stick with them. Often I find the demands of my work a massive distraction result in me not wanting to sit and read more. I dabbled into Audiobooks that I recommend massively, but loosing my commute broke this. So I'm going to try listen while cycling to work!

Having spent a while now (6months) trying to finish NPCs by Drew Hayes a great fun book. Sadly the inprogress nature of this preculudes me from being able to move onto the second in the book series. Therefore my book to try next is Critical Failures by Rober Bevan. The audiobook at 8hrs should be an easy 'read' in a week, lets see if I crash!


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