Two positions on MEMEX Project (Post Doc and Engineer)

24 Aug 2020 . category: research . Comments

We have two (exciting) positions to join us on the MEMEX EU Project! One engineer to coordinate with the project consortium to develop an innovative app exposing Cultural Heritage and project participant stories. The second is a post-doc to research and develop algorithms for 3D Scene Understanding! These are two very exciting positions to work with us and create impactful tools and research.

About the project…

The MEMEX project promotes social cohesion through collaborative, heritage-related tools that provide inclusive access to tangible and intangible cultural heritage and, at the same time, facilitate encounters, discussions and interactions between communities at risk of social exclusion. These tools will empower communities of people with the possibility of welding together their fragmented experiences and memories into compelling and geolocalised storylines using new personalised digital content linked to the pre-existent European Cultural Heritage (CH). The tools of MEMEX will allow the communities to tell their stories and to claim their rights and equal participation in the European society. To this end, MEMEX will nurture actions that contribute to, rather than undermine, practices of recognition of differences by giving voice to individuals for promoting cultural diversity.

Project Site:

Post Doc

The research topics on 3D scene understanding are related to the recent PAVIS achievements on Spatial AI related to 3D semantic mapping, object 3D localization, graph neural networks (GNNs) for scene modelling and active visual reasoning by integrating deep learning models with multi-view geometry approaches. Such methods will leverage massive worldwide geolocalised data as provided by project partners to finally deploy a mobile app that understands, localizes and reason about the semantic elements present in a generic scene.


The candidate will have the opportunity to work on realistic problems involving leading European research centers and companies with the aim to create a novel AR platform able to understand the semantic scene structure of the environment using an RGB video stream from a smartphone.

Application Details

To apply, follow the instructions indicated at the following links:

Engineer Position:

Post Doc Position:

Stuart James

Researcher (Assistant Professor) in Computer Vision at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). Stuart's research focus is on Visual Reasoning to understand the layout of visual content from Iconography (e.g. Sketches) to 3D Scene understanding and their implications on methods of interaction. He is currently a co-PI on the RePAIR EU FET, DCitizens EU Twinning, and BoSS EU Lighthouse. He was a co-PI on the MEMEX RIA EU H2020 project coordinated at IIT for increasing social inclusion with Cultural Heritage. Stuart has previously held PostDoc positions at IIT, University College London (UCL), and the University of Surrey. Also, at the University of Surrey, Stuart was awarded his PhD on visual information retrieval for sketches. Stuart holds an honorary position at UCL and UCL Digital Humanities and is an international collaborator of ITI/LARSyS. He also regularly organises Vision for Art (VISART) workshop and Humanities-orientated tutorials and was Program Chair at British Machine Conference (BMVC) 2021.